Harbar: Creative Communications Agency


Harbar is communications agency that focuses on creative concepts. They are also our newest resident members.

Created in September 2013 by Julien Barnier and Olivier Harnichard, Harbar works with many creative freelancers including but not limited to graphic artists, filmmakers, artistic directors and designers. They are a growing company breaking into the media, new technology, startup and design industries.

Harbar began looking for a coworking space as their company started to grow. They chose Coworkshop primarily for the design of the space. They were looking for a cool space in this area of Paris where they could work in a creative environment with other new businesses. They are very happy at Coworkshop thanks to the comfortable and clean working area. Once they grow big enough, Harbar would like to design their own offices after Coworkshop.

We are very happy to have Harbar working with us. If you would like more information about Harbar, send them an email at olivier@harbar-paris.com or stop by Coworkshop and say hello.

July 2014
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