DarbaVieta: Coworking Space in Riga

DarbaVieta is one of the first coworking spaces in Riga, situated in the centre of the city. Excellent location that provides space for a freelancing community and nearby infrastructure supports all the needs of freelancers.

DarbaVieta literally means workplace, workplace of a choice that share common values – sharing and exchange of skills, resources, experience and contacts.

DarbaVieta is open to multiple disciplines and trades. Currently the space is shared by graphic designers, photographers, marketing and PR professionals, copywriters, IT specialists, language teachers and craftsmen who use not only computers but also their hands as a tool of creation by sewing, knitting and creating crochet designs.

Freelancers at DarbaVieta deal with their own projects and often team up with other members, people share their know-how and are eager to involve, which is one of most significant values that defines the atmosphere and the soul of this space.

Venue itself is purely created by its founders who work in DarbaVieta on the daily basis, which means that rooms and its walls are filled with interest and dedication to this place, space and main idea behind coworking.

DarbaVieta is open for short and long-term requests; languages spoken are Latvian, English, French and Russian.

For inquiries please contact Diana at zamurajeva@gmail.com, or call +371 20610163.




Twitter @DarbaVieta

August 2014
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