A digital nomad from Sweden


Can you describe your activity ?
My background is in advertising and I started my first company, a small advertising agency, in Umeå/Sweden where I’m from. I ran that agency for 6 years, up until when Umeå was elected European Capital of Culture in 2014. During that year I initiated a music festival that I was also the main organiser for (where by the way French band Phoenix headlined). Since then I’ve been involved in a number of new projects and startups. We are still however a bit hush-hush about them. Next time I’m in Paris and visiting Coworkshop I’ll hopefully be able to tell you more :) LIRE LA SUITE →

February 2016
Ici je vous invite à découvrir le coworking, nos actualités et évènements. Vous découvrirez aussi nos rencontres et coups de coeur...
Merci mille fois pour votre visite !