Portait of Carrie founder of French is Beautiful

Carrie founder of French is Beautiful

Can you describe your activity ?
I run an online French school French is Beautiful, for which I record weekly course lecture videos (published on my Vimeo channel), curate online resources to support my clients’ courses (blogs, music, radio, film, news sources, etc., in French), as well as create text books and audio programs. I spend a lot of my work time reaching clients and prospective clients via social media, particularly Instagram.
My school’s feed is @frenchisbeautiful and my lifestyle feed is @theparisdarling. Through my videos, photographs and musings on French language and Parisian culture, I provide my followers with a view into life in Paris, which is inevitably what inspires most of them to want to learn French ;)

How many people are working in your company ? What kind of profile have your coworkers ?
It’s all me!

Are you scouting for new talents ?
Absolutely! I am always looking for bloggers, photographers, videographers, SEO specialists, graphic artists, cultural organizations, magazines, French lifestyle brands, event spaces and other French language and/or Paris enthusiasts to collaborate with. I believe that collaboration is the key to creating relevant content and to reaching those who are seeking it.

Why did you choose to work at the Coworkshop ?
First, let me say that this is my first ‘coworking’ experience and feeling like I am amongst actual coworkers has not only boosted my productivity, but also my positivity – I can’t believe all of the hours I spent working alone at home or in cafés now that I know what the coworking experience is. And the Coworkshop in particular has really felt like the missing ingredient in not only my feeling more at home in Paris, but also in having a work space that supports my company’s technical needs and creative flow. I discovered the Coworkshop because I’m renting a place in the neighborhood this summer. I decided to sign up for a monthly membership because:
1) The space is beautiful (with lots of natural light), the wifi is very
fast and always reliable and, of course, the unlimited espresso!
2) Maxim and Fanny are always welcoming and have a genuine interest in
my comfort and productivity.
3) I LOVE having a locker to keep my work materials in. Even though I live nearby, not having to drag all of my things to and from every day really makes the Coworkshop feel like my office.
4) The price is amazing for the value – nowhere in Paris could I rent a small office and have all of the amenities for anywhere near the same price.
5) Having the Coworkshop as my office allows me to be a part of an enriching network of fellow entrepreneurs and freelancers (anglophone and francophone), something which is very important not only as someone who recently relocated to Paris, but also as an entrepreneur. And the Coworkshop is really great about supporting its clients’ businesses via social media, which is a huge plus for me!

July 2015
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