Portrait of a researcher

Can you describe your job?
I am a postgraduate researcher. I live in Sydney, Australia, but I am currently in Paris to do some research.
My job is a lot about reading and writing, and Coworkshop is great place to do that.

How many people have in your company? What is your position on your team?
Academic research in the humanities is mainly autonomous.
I collaborate with other people but not in a structured way.

Why did you choose Coworkshop?
I’m am working on a paper at the moment, and Coworkshop is the perfect spot to concentrate — chilled “work” atmosphere, great location, and fast internet. Oh and the free coffee!

August 2014

DarbaVieta: Coworking Space in Riga

DarbaVieta is one of the first coworking spaces in Riga, situated in the centre of the city. Excellent location that provides space for a freelancing community and nearby infrastructure supports all the needs of freelancers. LIRE LA SUITE →

August 2014
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