DarbaVieta: Coworking Space in Riga

DarbaVieta is one of the first coworking spaces in Riga, situated in the centre of the city. Excellent location that provides space for a freelancing community and nearby infrastructure supports all the needs of freelancers. LIRE LA SUITE →

August 2014

Liberté: Coworkshop’s Favorite Bakery

Boulangerie Liberté

Liberte offers its customers of the 10th arrondissement baked goods and pastry creations by Benoit Castel. He sticks to the classics without altering the traditional French style of baking.

Coworkshop has provided an opportunity for Benoit Castel and his team to set up their first office in the heart of a young and dynamic business environment, which also happens to be just down the street from one of Liberte’s locations. Coworkshop is happy to have Liberte and our coworkers love their delicious treats.

Build Your Office with Kollori


If you don’t already know by now, creative, fun and comfortable office design leads to a better work environment and higher productivity. That is why companies like Google, AirBnB, Lego and Facebook have such unique office designs. LIRE LA SUITE →

July 2014


Althouse Development

What is Althouse Development?

We are working on developing a new cryptocurrency. If you have ever heard of bitcoin, it is similar to that. Our founder Daniel has been thinking about creating a new cryptocurrency since January and the team was assembled in June. LIRE LA SUITE →

Harbar: Creative Communications Agency


Harbar is communications agency that focuses on creative concepts. They are also our newest resident members. LIRE LA SUITE →

Babbler’s Six Residents

Babbler at Coworkshop

Say hello to our six coworkers from Babbler. These six coworkers have been working in our Resident area since the opening, and they have the honor of being the first Resident members ever here at Coworkshop. LIRE LA SUITE →

The Grand Opening

Ouverture Coworkshop espace de coworking

Just a week ago, if one were to pass by the space at 29 rue des Vinaigriers, they would have never thought that something would be open there in just one week. It took at lot of hard work, but the construction team worked very hard so that the opening could happen. LIRE LA SUITE →

June 2014
Ici je vous invite à découvrir le coworking, nos actualités et évènements. Vous découvrirez aussi nos rencontres et coups de coeur...
Merci mille fois pour votre visite !