3 questions to Joanne a freelance graphic designer

Joanne Byrne Freelance Graphic Designer

Can you describe your job?

I am a graphic designer from Dublin, Ireland where I have worked for the last 10 years. Initially as an Editorial Designer in a publishing house and then as Art Director for an interpretive design firm that design museums and visitor experiences. I moved to Paris this summer and am currently working on branding and website projects for clients here and in Dublin. I am also interested in information design and data visualisation.

How many people have in your company? Which profil have you in your team? Are you looking for hire new people?

Just me! I mostly work alone but collaborate with other designers, developers and writers on a job-to-job basis.

Why did you choose Coworkshop ?

I chose Coworkshop because of its great location but will stay because I love its friendly atmosphere and interior design.

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October 2014


engagement lab

Can you describe your business?
#engagementlabs is a Canadian social media agency that focuses on social engagement and leveraging social networks. We offer a range of targeted social activation programs, solutions, strategies and analysis of social performance and ROI tools. We turn big data into practical solutions for social media.

What is the size of your business? What profiles do you have? Are you looking to hire?
The french team is composed by five people, Robin Petition (Associate Director), Joyce Nahas (social media Director), Philippe Gablain (Product Manager), Cedric de Saint Léger (Technology Director), and Marie Imbert (social media consultant). We are recruiting for a new community manager intern.

Why did you chose the Coworkshop?
It was a place we immediately liked, good location, clean and elegant. The great service and good humor of the managers were a plus!

October 2014
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