A Coworker Coming from Atlanta

Ue coworkeuse venue d'Atlanta

My name is Lexie and I work here at Coworkshop. I am from Atlanta, Georgia and have traveled all the way across the Atlantic Ocean to be the Community Manager at Coworkshop.

The idea behind Coworkshop is great. Today there are so many large corporations, sometimes people forget about the smaller companies. Not Stéphane and Maxime. They saw a need to provide a comfortable, professional work environment for people who need a place for their professional dreams to flourish. There is something different about Coworkshop from other coworking spaces and the difference is what made me fall in love with this company.

The first thing I noticed about Coworkshop was the openness. They have these floor to ceiling glass windows in the front that are open to let the breeze fill the large area of tables and couches. The perfect place for someone like me who likes to get my work done in an environment that is free and open rather than most offices, which are closed, stuffy and uninviting. They also provide everything a young professional could ever need; unlimited coffee and tea, other beverages, snacks, office supplies, private phone booth, secure lockers, these guys really have it all.

In the back they have desks that people or companies can reserve and it is more like an office space, but it still keeps the open, welcoming atmosphere. There are also rooms to rent as a private office. They have literally everything one could need. The environment is so inviting and the surrounding neighborhood is simply wonderful. It is right next to the Saint Martin Canal, the perfect place to eat lunch or take a break from work.

It is a lively area with lots to do, but the street Coworkshop is on is cozy enough to not be too distracting from your work. They are also located close to the Gare du Nord and Gare de l’Est and encourage commuting workers to utilize the space. It truly is welcoming to everyone. You can just tell that it is the type of place where great ideas are born. I could not be more excited to work with these guys to create a great business that meets a need that society has not yet met. Coworkshop has a bright future ahead and provides the resources and tools for their clients to prosper. When Coworkshop succeeds, the whole community succeeds.

June 2014
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