Alain: Photographer and Coworker

Alain photographe et coworker

Coworkshop would like to introduce to you one of our valued coworkers, Alain Mbouche. Alain has been coming to Coworkshop since day one. He is a photographer who deals with fashion, weddings, and business headshots.

Alain is a native Parisian, but he has also spent a considerable amount of time working in London. He specifically likes Paris because its beautiful scenery is great for photography.

Alain discovered Coworkshop on its first day of opening when he was passing by. He was not exactly sure what the place was, but he was drawn to it by its unique look and inviting atmosphere. Once he realized that we are a coworking space he knew it was a great place to get some work done.

Through his experiences, he has discovered that coworking spaces like Coworkshop are great for creativity and production because of their welcoming and innovative environment. Alain is a great coworker and Coworkshop always enjoys his presence!

If you would like to contact Alain or see some of his work you can go to:

July 2014
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